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Grampa used to time everything. 

He timed me when I raced to the end of our street and back: 24 seconds. 

He times me eating bubble gum ice cream:

1 minute, 58 seconds.  

Sometimes, I timed Grampa too:

18 minutes to drink his coffee. 

This summer, though, I don't have Grampa anymore. All I have is his stopwatch.

Maybe there's a reason he left it behind. 

A Stopwatch from Grampa, published by Kids Can Press and Trigger/Welbeck Publishing in the UK, was given a starred review from Kirkus and was recognized as one of their best books for 2020. 


"A good discussion starter, this poignant, accessible picture book explores grief, the comfort provided by the passage of time, and the way in which memories allow us to keep loved ones in our hearts forever."

"Told in honest, first-person prose, this story gently confronts this first journey through loss, offering sensitive conversation starters for families."

"A child inherits a treasured stopwatch that belonged to a beloved grandparent in this touching story of loss that explores the stages of grief with sensitivity and wisdom."

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