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Sometimes, Jeffrey fixates on certain likes and dislikes. For example, he is very attached to the colour blue. He wears blue socks, blue underwear, a blue hat, and—of course!—blue jeans. At painting class, he paints only in blue. But when his classmate, Keiko, wants to use the blue paint, Jeffrey will have to try a different color.


With some gentle coaxing, the narrator helps him navigate his emotions, encouraging him to consider Keiko’s feelings.

This story explores how something that seems simple for some people can be very complicated for others.


Jeffrey’s caregiver provides choice, time, and space to help Jeffrey process his emotions. The focus of the story is not about getting rid of Jeffrey’s fixation—it’s about widening his perspective to help a friend, which encourages empathy and compromise.


Such a sweet, simple way to show how one young boy who hyperfixates on the color blue is given the time and space he needs to learn to share his blue paint in art class and try something new. This is a great conversation starter for kids and primer for adults. Great!

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